Our History

The Eighties

In September 1984 a new Rotary Club opened its doors for the first time. As with all Rotary Clubs they participated in a wide range of activities to support domestic and international community groups and have fun. Something that has not changed.

Fundraising activities included – BBQs, wine sales, quiz nights, trash and treasure days and Bingo ticket sales.

Members supported many organisations financially and physically. They also engaged with many Rotary Projects and provided sponsorships and awards to many programs. These included:

  • Sunday Mail Christmas Toy Appeal
  • Repairs and painting at the Autistic Children’s Association
  • Bridging the Gap activities
  • Rotary Youth Exchange and Group Study Exchange visits
  • Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
  • District Conventions and Information Days
  • National Summer Science School sponsorships
  • Rotary Youth Project sponsorships
  • Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment sponsorships
  • SA Children’s Week Awards
  • Camp Quality sponsorships

Social and vocational events rounded out a busy start for the club and included:

  • Robbie Burns night
  • Fancy Dress night
  • Progressive Dinner
  • Visit to the Guide Dogs for the Blind Centre
  • Visit to Webb & Son printers

The Nineties

As the club passed its 5 year anniversary and moved in to the Nineties things were changing, as the first female member of the club was welcomed. However, many things stayed the same as you can see from the activities below.

Fundraising events included:

  • BBQs
  • Quiz Nights and auctions
  • Raffles
  • Wine sales
  • Trash and treasure days
  • Film nights

Community Support activities included:

  • Planting 200 River Red Gums in the parklands
  • Planting 500 trees in Park No 6
  • Trees for Life propagation project
  • Adopted a Park – Glover Children’s Playground
  • Repairs and restoration of disabled toilets at Olympic Sportsfield
  • Townsend House paving
  • Clean up The Torrens participation
  • Parkside Primary School outdoor projects
  • Clean up Australia Day participation
  • Siemmens Science School sponsorships
  • Pride in Workmanship Awards
  • Camp Quality, and
  • Donations to a wide variety of organisations

Rotary Events continued to be supported and included:

  • District Conferences
  • Youth Exchange programs
  • Rotary Foundation projects
  • Hosting international Group Study Exchange groups
  • National Summer Science School sponsorships
  • Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
  • Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment sponsorships
  • Rotary NCA Adventure sponsorship
  • National Youth Science Forum sponsorship

Social and Vocational activities continued and included: progressive dinners, wine bottling, theatre nights, a family weekend to Goolwa, a Limerick night and a lawn bowls night. There were also visits to IMVS Laboratories, Townsend House, RAH Cardiac Unit, Christies Auction Rooms, The Land Titles Office, and Submarine Corporation to name just a few.

The Noughties

As the new millennium began the club continued its diverse range of activities. It was also the decade when the 20th and 25th anniversaries were celebrated. Special events that were held in the Lyric Room at the Festival Theatre and Pavilion on the Park.

Fundraising continued with garage sales, wine and chocolate sales, quiz nights and more BBQs.

The club continued to participate in Rotary Events including exchange programs, district events and youth programs. Sponsorships continued to be a big focus. While continuing to support previous programs, new ones were added including The Smith Family Learning for Life Program and the AGN Schools Scholarships Program; two groups the club continues to support.

Community support continued with many organisations provided with money or in-kind donations. These included the Hutt Street Centre, the Neil Sachse Foundation, Mary Potter Foundation, Gilles Street Primary School, Shelter Boxes and the Spinal Injuries Unit at the Hampstead Centre.

Members continued to participate in repair and renewal projects including work  for the Hampstead Centre, Daughters of Charity and Parkside Primary School

All of these were done while maintaining a spirit of fun and fellowship with lots of social and vocational events – river cruises, special breakfasts, theatre nights and a weekend at Goolwa, combined with visits to the Jet Museum at Parafield, the BRM Formula 3 Racing Workshop and Hutt Street Photographics.

2010 Onwards

As the new decade began the Rotary Club of Adelaide Parks welcomed 5 members from the Hindmarsh Club which handed in its Charter. 

For more details on what the club has been doing our Annual Reports provide summarises of each year’s activities.